Thursday, August 14, 2008


Ok, I'm lazy.
Wanted to post pictures of Ubin we went on Monday, but seriously lazyyyyy.
Sorry, I'll post it tomorrow, maybe.
Well, I'll give a rough idea of what are the small little things that happened these few days, other than Monday.
Erm, let's see.
Tuesday, drank, ha ha, and played pool, with a PROOOOOOO.
Wednesday, went to Amara Sanctuary.
Love that place, I want to drive the buggyyyyyyyy.
So, open to the natural beauty of greens and wild. (:
Went to Far East with Jey & Teresa, with Coke.
Met Tingting, and I don't know what's her name.
Tingting is superrrrrrrr cute cannnnnnnn.
Another drama queen.
So the drama. Lol.
Today, school officially launched and changed new logo, new rules.
Came home straight after school.

I hate, hate, hate.
Hatred is like, over-flowing in my dictionary.
Like hot lava in a volcano that's going to erupt.
But that's on the inside.
I'm a Pistachiooooooooo.
Ha ha ha ha!
& also a "Shi Dui".
With all the "Lei Si Bian",
& the "Bai".
If you don't get it, then, too baddddddddddd.
Going crazy again.
Ok, anywayyyys,
met up with dear miss pretty pretty girl Lollyyyyyyyy.
& still love her being there.
Irritating though.
She's got lots and lots of comments.
Ok, Byeeeee.

In guilt.
Tsk tsk.
How shameful, to let your dirty secrets be found out.
No, you can keep lying,
but I'll find out, and I'll be laughing at you,
cause then I know, that you are such a bad liar,
& a lousy friend.
Maybe I should start pretending too,
since I'm such a drama queen,
& love to bitch around in school.
Yea, I should.

You can't trust nobody these days, can you?
Ya, I know.
Ha ha.

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