Friday, August 8, 2008


If you ask me why all the laughing, I don't know.
Maybe I'm really going crazy, like English trainer's Uncle.
Well, woodbridge is just nearby my house! Hahaha.
Let's see, what I did today eh?
Erm, pratically nothing, indeed.
Stupid trainer. Hate him, like seriously. Zzzzzzzz.
Old man. %#^$^#^%&*@%@#!?!@#%?@#$^
Then, came home, and slept, until now.
I know I've got no life, but oh well!
I don't really need friends anyway, since they don't appreciate what I do to help them, oh well!~
I just love my familyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Especially broooo.
I still can remember when we used to like, quarrel and fight at home.
For tv, computer, ANYTHING.
I always end up crying to daddy, but both of us still gets scolded.
I know, I always drag my dad in. HAHAHAHA.
Cause I'll never win.
Same with my "friends".
Always my fault, say the truth, say the story, say the point, still my fault.
But this time, no daddy to cry to anymore.
Maybe still have.
Maybe I'll cry to him tonight. HAHAHAHA!
Well, I have not eaten dinner, and bro just left to changi with girlfriend to eat, so I asked him to help me buy. YEA BRO!
I think I'm a lil' kookoo already.

I live my life, happily,
without you.
Because you are insignificant in my life,
just like how I am in yours.
You weren't use to,
but since I'm such a lousy friend,
and you're so disappointed in me,
then, too bad.

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