Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I had the greatest day ever!
Ok, maybe not THE GREATEST, but definitely is one of the greatest! (:
Well, it didn't really go well the whole day, but still, love these girls.

Let's start with yesterday.
Met up with Coke for dinner, and drank some Heneiken.
Wilfrid came to find us after work, and went to my place.
He did his project, then we watched movie; PROM NIGHT.
Oh my god. Sicko maniac.
Stayed over at my place, and they left around 730.
School was, well, not that boring, but pretty interesting.
FO trainer sure knows how to keep an eye on us alright.
He's like, forever wanting to get us know.
Well, I know we're always talking and eating and all, but like, what the hell.
Forever us. Never have I heard him say about some other.

Went home after school.
Wilfrid came by my place to wait for Coke.
I ate, changed, we played the piano, then off we go.
Went to Spins, met up with Jey, Miguel, Tingting and Zhi Ren.
Oh my god, I love Ting Ting! (:
Well, we took like, freakin' loads of pictures, and I'm really lazy to upload now.
It's like freakin' late.
Ate at HK Cafe.
Chilled out, then it was bye bye.
Had a big breakdown cry at one time, and I want to say thanks to them for being there for me.
Esp Ting and Ying.
Love these girls. (:

That's about all!

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