Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today today.
AlvinTan came over to ask me to teach him to play a few songs on the piano.
Teaching makes me go mad, but what to do? Ha ha.
Then went to help bro buy Macs back, because I'm the sweetest and nicest sister EVER, LOL.
& I still treated him like, one-third of the amount.
YA, SO VERY NICE HUH. Ya right...
Anyways, went over to his house to play WII!
Ya, you may think like, "Lame shit la!" "Boring!"
But, for a first timer, I love this shit!
Maybe ask daddy to buy for me, so can use to exercise also. --
I know, damn lame, but MAYBE try la, although chances are SUPER LOW. ):
& I'm going to go over his place every now and then just to play!
Ha ha ha!
Played with his sister too.
Super funnnnnn. (:
After that, went to play bball with WQ, WS, AT, YL, W, CK, G.
Wow, super fun too!
Didn't know I like sports so much. Hmms.
Met up with HY for a short while to slack, then, here I am. (:

Eating Mom's delicacy, green bean soup! (:

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