Thursday, September 18, 2008


Exams are finally OVERRRR!
Well, almost.
Last paper tmr, that's comprehension.
Had been studying out late with Frid and Jules,
not forgetting their other halves, E and Kas.
I'm such a double big time light bulb!
What to do? Hmms.
Just taught Gf&Bf a lesson. Dumbasses.
Anywayyyys, spent like, super a lot of money this week.
Freakin' shit.
Supposed to eat sushi and partaye tmr, but damn.
Daddy's home right now.
Later when I leave for dinner then give him a little hint.
*Please give me at least fiftyyyyyyyyyy!
Tmr's Sk's bday, so wish him an advance Happy Birthday over here.
& 22nd's is the birthday of a girl whom has the same first name as me!
Well, she got it earlier than me, DOESN'T mean I copied her okkkk.
& sorry for the change of address. (;

Hugs and kisses, hearts and stars, love love love, ya' all! (:

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