Friday, September 19, 2008


Yes, finally, RARE HOLIDAYS are here. (:
Changed after exam, went down to Dhoby.
Frid, Kailash, E.
Played pool, then SAKAE SUSHIII.
Super fuckin' full.
Kailash left after the buffet, and we went down to cathay.
Met up with Tim, went to play pool at this very nice environment pool place, which is like a cafe/pub/lounge bla bla. Coolness.
Took cab home because of last minute Mahjong plan, which as usual, I'm very NOT supportive of the idea, but I was convinced since we had nothing to do.
Mr.B, I didn't exactly wanted to fly airplane on you, but cause you can't confirm, then we already got another person le. REALLY SORRY! Owe you treat okkkkk.
Well, Frid got his other friend, and E&I got Lucas.
Cause I either wna share, or don't wna play.
Players were Bf&Gf 1 player, Lucas, Tim and Frid's other friend whom I don't know the name.
Hand got itchy after a long time, so during the last few rounds, E lets me take over her for awhile since she was like, losing big time.
Well, saved her a bit.
When I went on, I won like, 2 or 3 times in a row. COOL!
My luck's actually good. Don't know why I reject people all the time.
Biggest winner, Lucas! Grats, grats.
Tim won quite a bit too.
That's all.

Tmr may be going to watch movie, MAY, but I bet Bf&Gf can't wake up so early.
They barely slept yesterday night.
& either tmr or sunday, Couzs may be coming over for some Mahjong.
Couzs, I no choice. Barely get chances to plan ANYTHING with them.
So I have to agree. Hopefully my luck will continue to go with me till that time.

Meeting Ms.HelloKitty on Monday for lunch and some shopping!
Most probably she'll be the one buying all the stuff.
I'll just be like, walking and accompanying her.
The only reason a girl can have for not buying anything during shopping: MONEY.
I hate myself. Zzz.
But then again, I love myself! (:

Tues going to Bbq with the usuals, WS, WQ, QH, AT, AH, WP, so on and so forth.
Maybe drop by on Monday night too.
Oh ya, QH was damn funny when he msgd me about the chalet.
He said "By popular demand, you be the chef? XD"
I was like, definitely more than happy to be the chef!
I don't have to fight for it, everyone just knows it's gna be me. LOL.
Thank you, thank you.
Cooking to satisfy people is so my thing. (:

These are the only things planned for the holidays, if I don't remember wrong.

Anyways, to my sweethearts who are all taking their O's this year, GOOD LUCK!
Pass well, or be like me, ending up in some eat money school.
Love ya' all!

Dearest, please don't cry.
It hurts me so. ):
Don't bear with them anymore.
Just throw whatever shit is left back to them, and leave.
& when you told me you fell down the stairs and ended up in the hospital, my heart dropped.
Glad that you're fine after the X-Ray and safely home now.
I will visit you one of these days.
I promise.
Love you, so very much.

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