Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hey, what's up?
Just watched High School Musical 3 today with my loveliest couz, Eunice.
The cinema was so packed, I'm glad I booked the tickets earlier.
Our seats were awesome.
It was both our second time watching at Vivo theater.
I remembered my first was with Bryan and the others, watch Meet The Robinsons 3D, to celebrate his birthday, I think. So his parents paid for the tickets, if I haven't forgotten.
Well, those days sure are over. He's not even here anymore.
Ya, blame it on me, some maturity shit I threw on him.
Way to go, Ash.

Anyways, the movie was awesome.
I teared, as usual. Touching.
Ning&I were talking about how funny it would be if we were watching the movie halfway, and suddenly sang and danced.
It would be so totally dramatic!~
Love AshleyTisdale, as usual.
And Zac is the cutest!
Ok, enough about all these chatting,
Had an awesome "fabulous" time with Eunice!
& girl, I'm really sorry about it. Love ya!
By the way, everything's on Daddy today, so THANKS! (:

Gossip Girl has got me so tied up,
I missed all my Taiwan drama series.
My god...
& Tan just told me about QH's birthday thing on Sunday, which NOBODY informed me, as usual.
Always last minute to me~
Or "come to me when you need a COOK!?"
& great. It's freakin' far away, like Jurong far.
What's that again? Har Paw Villa?
I forgot, something like that.
Should be the one at Bukit Gombak, the one Jules was always talking about.
Ya, I'm so "excited"!

But I must say, this week is going way better than the past, for me.
But I don't know why, I still and so sick&tired.
I'm literally speaking SICK AND TIRED.
Just had a freakin' fever yesterday, and I can't kick off my flu,
Mom's trying to stuff me with all the chinese medicine, which she JUST gave me one.
Errrrr, ya.

Tomorrow's girls day out, ever since so much happened.
&, tomorrow is also Quantitative Maths test day.
Which I am so not gon'na flunk, unlike Microecons yesterday.
Doing homework right now.
Also watching Gossip Girl.
Ya, multi-tasking is so not fun.


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