Sunday, October 19, 2008


It wasn't much of a partaye after all.
As expected, less than half of our class showed up.
Obviously, god-mom came with my 2 lil' angels.
Xaen&Jeri. (:
& the maid! Whom I sooooo love. (:
She's like my sister, how sweet.
Well, as usual, I stood at the pit as the chef, and that never changes.
Frid's Mom,Dad,Sis&Bro were all really nice.
Ok, Complaining time.
There's this dumbass uncle that keeps putting his hands into my business!
Baby(Siong) will know what I mean.
I only asked him to help me take care of the pit for like, 5 minutes, and obviously that uncle came over again, and baby got damn irritated too. Zzzzzzz.
I didn't drink, sadly. Only beer.
Like, half can?
Then, of course, open table time!
& I found out that anywhere I go with people I don't know, first thing they know about me is that I'm very strong.
For example, able to actually fold this really really old ping pong table when no one could for a long time.
I even broke one corner of the table after bringing it out and trying to open it. --
& it was some cards playing time!
We had lots of fun.
It was shaky at first, then I started to win quite a bit, then lost, and then back to normal, then win a bit.
Then Yee voluntarily wanted to be banker because no one else would, but I didn't allow him to, so in the end, we shared.
We won, quite a lot.
Then my mind screwed up on the cab back.
It was seriously screwed up, fuck'd up, whatever la. Lol.

I wan'na watch gossip girls!
YT! Evan! Where's my linkkkkkk?!

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