Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Back!

Miss me much? Guess not. Today has been really hilarious. Heard things I personally hate to hear, but then I have to know, so there's a new me coming your way! (Well, I say that all the time, but this time round it is super extreme.)

Back from KL/GENTING! Best trip ever. It's so much more easy this time round. A smaller group, without irritating mischievous kids. You know, people say are you ever sick of going to M'sia? Yea, I thought it'll be just theme park and shopping at the same place bla bla. But this time round, new experience of Largest Indoor Theme Park, and staying at a new hotel.

Day One.

Once we reached there, we check in at Piccolohotel, a new hotel of 3/4 stars. Once we stepped in to the lobby, we loved that place. It has this really really pleasant fragrance that made us all start talking about it. The lobby is so quiet (because it's a new hotel), we love it much better than First World or whatever in Genting Highlands. It's so crowded and packed, you can't find a seat anywhere, & you have to stand waiting for like 1hour to check in. But it's much different here. They have this really nice cushion sofa seats that made us just feel like resting there after the long lousy coach ride. We took a lousy coach cause there's no other better coaches to book during the last minute. Plus, this stupid coach drops us at the bus terminal, and we had to find a way to the hotel ourselves. Total cab fare was RM30, and it was so freakin' near, but everyone, including the hotel staff, says that there's no way to walk from there unless you know a short cut, which we don't. They had super minimum staff, because it's new, and there's not much guests. Atan, the Front Office staff is soooooo nice and funny. Very cute, not outlook, but yes, cute. The conceirge guy, whom I forgot, or don't even know his name, was really helpful too, so my Dad & Aunt tipped him quite a bit (so did they tip the housekeeping staff and Atan, I think.).

Next, we stepped in to our suites (it's called a "SUITE", so they say), it was 2 connecting rooms. We loved the hotel even more then! The design was simple, and looks very high class. Plus, the bed and pillows were so comfortable, it's as if we're all HOME. Ok, now the bad side. It has NO BATH TUB, which is a big boo-hoo, cause me and my cousins were planning on the long comfortable bath. Next bad thing, the sink is in the living room. So everyone just watches you when you brush your teeth, or wash your face, bla bla. Ok, now back to the good stuff. They have mirrors everywhere, which is a big plus point for me!

Enough about the hotel, now let's talk about my favourite topic: FOOD!
We had our lunch/tea at this place called "U Cafe" nearby the hotel. Oh, by the way, the hotel and cafe is both recommended by my Aunt Ada, whom been there previously and loves it there. So, U Cafe has the best food. Their Curry Fish Head is seriously awesome. The best we've ever tasted. The whole pot of Curry Fish Head (not very big pot; it's freakin' small!) will always be scrapped clean. Super awesome. Ate Fried Kway Teow, which is so not like Singapore's, which is SO OILY! You can never get sick of U Cafe's. Ate this super nice House Speciality Prawn, which freakin' cost super expensive too. We only found out when the bill came. -- For this meal, we spent RM209.

Favourite Apple Crush. (:

Shopped at this shopping mall, which I actually don't remember the name of. Bought a pair of sandals from there. Well, that's the only thing I bought there. We had U Cafe for dinner, again. My aunt came out with a conclusion: You know, every time you go for a meal at somewhere, there's always something that's not very good in the menu right? Well, at U Cafe, we practically liked every single shit we ordered. We ordered something new, and we still do like it. Amazing.. Even the drinks, I LOVE APPLE CRUSH! Then there's this Ice Cold Chocolate drink, which my cousin drank, which is also super duper good! & their fresh coconut is like freakin' huge. Biggest coconut I've ever seen. YUM!

Sandals. (:


Day Two.
Cam-whoring, again.

I miss Bro!
Favourites. (:

Sweetest. (:

Woke up early to take a van-ride up to Genting Highlands. We had the concierge to book the transport for us. Took like a couple or three hours to get there, cause there's like 8 people in the van, so it went real slow. Too heavy, I guess. When we reached there, we had Marrybrown for brunch. OMFG, their chicken is like so so SOOOOO much better than S'pore's KFC. I'm like so freakin' serious. Even the breast meat taste so tender! YUMMMMMMS!

After lunch, went into the outdoor theme park for some funnnnnn! Haven't been there for quite some time already. Nothing much changed. Still love their roller coaster rides, especially Corkscrew! & of course, the superman ride. SWEET! Oh, we even played those stall games, Daddy won me a med-sized teddy, while Granny won herself this huge bull dog cushion! Which was way to big to bring back, so she changed it for a large-sized teddy. I like mine better! But it's arms are kind injured. There's this hole at the joint, so I'm pushing my Mom to work on it! Anyways, after outdoor, went in First World for some Bak Kut Teh, which totally sucks. The last time we had our dinner there it was so good, now, goodness, there's barely any ribs in there! Then we rode on the indoor theme park roller coaster.

He lives in the shadow of my bro.
Meaningful. (:

After that, van-ride back to P. Van-driver, stupid ah-neh, like wan'na cheat our money. FUCK OFF! Slept super late that night. Were gossiping about almost everything, and dancing around in the hotel room (well, that's for me only. LOL!).

Day Three.

Last day. Guess what? Went back to U Cafe for brunch! YUMS! I love this XO Mussels Vermicelli. It was so damn good! So is Mom's Claypot Prawn Glass Noodle, and Granny's Claypot Lao Shu Fen. Super awesomeeeeeee!

Cutest. (:

Double those Apple Crushes. (:

Went to Berjaya Times square after brunch. Shopped, and we found a PDA phone in VOIR. Goodness! We're very nice Singaporean Citizens okayyyy, so I suggested we call the person she recently just called in her dial calls. Guess what? It was her husband. So we waited there, and saw this Malay Lady rushed in hurriedly. So we checked her picture in her phone, and yes, it's her. She was really thankful. THUMBS UP FOR US! ((: & then, more shopping. Eugene was so eager to go to the indoor theme park. He first thought it would be lame, because it's INDOOR. But guess what? When we first stepping into the theme park, BAM! It looks like one freakin' hell of a theme park! Super cool, I swear. It's the Largest Indoor Theme Park! Super cooooool! Only Eugene & I were the adventurous ones. No one else dares to go in. HAHA! Their roller coaster spins 360 degrees, drops down from a very high point, and has a 360 big loop! Oh my god, best roller coaster ride I've ever had (that's for me only, Eugene rode even more challenging rides in the States) . & then, there's this DNA Mixer. I swear, the name of the ride says it all. I think people might get brain damage or something by riding it. Super freak show.

Up the coaster tracks.

DNA Mixer.

Loop the coasters!

After theme park, more shopping, then back to U Cafe for dinner! I know, we're totally into it. We think that the staff must've already expected us to be there, but too bad it's the last meal for us! )): After that, it's home sweet home.

Cam-whoring, AGAINNNN, before we left. MISS IT MUCH!

Took the Midnight coach, reached home at like, 6am? Slept for 2 hours, and back to school. Some weekend!

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