Monday, November 17, 2008


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S having a good time in class for her birthday. Thanks to A (whom is me), who chose the cutest birthday cake ever. To make it special, there were 3 cakes:

Hello Kitty chocolate butter cream cake,

Fairlady vanilla sponge white chocolate cake,

and a mini Hello Kitty sponge cream cake just for her.
PLUS, BVLGARI package including sweet scenting perfume and lotion, which made her go all hay-wire.

Bf, R was cruel enough to eat the head of Hello Kitty, which was so cruel for S to have to watch. PLUS, R stuffed the mini cake into her face, WITH HER MAKE-UP.
S almost died of breathing blockage. Accompanied her to the washroom, and she posed for me. Cutest girl I've ever met.

& for a girl like me, big cam-whore, how can I not take pictures with her?

Sweet love, S. (:

21st in China, 20th in Singapore. Time to mature up, S. Hope you liked the surprise & the gift. I fell twice within a few seconds for the cakes, so you better like it. (;

Class today was a nightmare. I was being the big news in class. THANKS GUYS, thanks a lot. J, B, E, W, T, Y, R, S, G. Go figure. You know who you are. Everywhere I turn, I see K.M., or hear the sound of *. Sucks to have people like that. They just won't stop. Who's the one always doing the shit, and yet, still, I get it. Well, that's just, me, right? Zzz. & thanks for the wanton noodle!

& Obviously, you know who I am, & that's the part I love.

You know you love me.
xoxo, -biteherlips. (:

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