Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I like to moo it moo it!

New year has been pretty well this year.
Yesterday played mj again at my cousin's, and blackjack.
Won a lil'.
But lost at B's place.
Although lost, but had so much funnnn!
Well, there were some people who gives so much attitude I could just vomit on them.
But that is just one or two.
The rest, super cock'ish.

Got lots of crap from them.

First, once I step in, was named 'Big Ang Bao' because I was in a red top. --

Second, got teased by B&gang about Nicholas, which I did not say he's handsome, but B claimed that I did. Okay, he is. But not crazy over him kind. I can't remember who, but someone even said I was his 'fan club' just because I counted his cards ONE freakin' time. LOL.

Third, someone called me NEXT.
Then because of my name, ASHLEY, Ben called me ARSE. In the end, they joined them together, and called me NEXT ARSE. SO RUDE!!! Hahahaha.

Fourth, got so much suan-ing from Leonard and Shaun that I have memory jam.

Fifth, Brad is just another duplicate of Bran. A better looking, and much reasonable and sensible duplicate. But still the same.
We were talking about going overseas for holiday, because I wna go to Taiwan but Bran just insist that it's no good.
Then we talked about Australia, Thailand, M'sia, ...
Then I wna go Taiwan because of all the good finger chinese food!
And everywhere they talked about, I kept asking about food.
So Brad called me "Yao Gui". Zzz.
Then we talked about Africa, where there's no food, but I said I still quite interested to go there because I like the wild.
And Bran said I'm a Monkey. THANKKKKS A LOTTT.

Then Bryan came. He's funnnn.
& they talked about brothers and sisters.
& Brad said I'm more to a brother,
then Bran said BOTH.
Super maximummmmmms team.

Went to Baby's, ate a lil' steamboat.
Then gambled blackjack. Super funny.
Left his place around 530, went over to Quan's.
Ate a somehow buffet cooked by his mum. Thanks aunty!
Then as usual, Lao Yu Sheng.
Forever supeer big plate, forever super messy. HUAT AH!
On the way home with Seng and Gary, we had a lil "sisterhood" session. LOL.
Gary is always a sister to me, vice versa.
So we always have this very sisterly "hand sign/shake".
Then he started walking like a girl, like gay style, no offence, I love gays. (:
Super cute.
Seng couldn't cut it. He just can't stand Gary. Being so girly and all.
So we kept trying to pull him in, he never did.
After Gary left, I started telling him about the "bimbotic/bitchy" talk.
Like he always say "okay de, okay la." So I told him must say "okayyyy~~~" in a slang. HAHA! & He did it!!! So cute!
Then he said "cock la!" So I told him to say "you're such a penis!" LOLOL. And he laughed like crazy.
Then he said "CB LA!" So I told him must say "You're a pussy!"
Then he said things like "fuck you!" It's fine, but I told him to say "Tiu Lei Sum Sum!" So he asked me what it meant, and I said "fuck you deep deep". He went totally out'ta hand. LOLOL.
& in the end, he DID the hang sign with me! YEAAAA!!


Super vulgar post. LOL.

Sweet loves, guys!

Signing off. (:

xoxo, Ashley.
The one and only bitch. (:

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