Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sing Out '08.

Here's an update on Singout '08
Truthfully speaking, it wasn't that good. Not as I expected.
It's the last Singout, so there should be much more expectations, but it turned out to be really... Boring.
Okay, feeling really guilty, sorry, but that's the truth.
The only time I felt like I know why I love choir and music so much, is when HIHS choir performed the Counting Song. Many agreed.
I was just, really disappointed.
I went with the usual gang; SM, WT, Jac, XY, Sean, & Freesia.
Wend went with some other guy. -- I know, SOME FRIEND, BYIATCH! Lol.
Anyways, saw quite a few familiar faces, like Jas, YangJun, ChuanLian, Marcus, Joshua, Kevin, Sebas, Meryl, Krystal, DarrenGoh, XM, and that's all I can remember.
OH! I saw ChengCheng! LOL! Cute boy. Quan's bro.
Had supper with SM & Sean at 401. That's about all for Singout. (:

Darren, always have loved, always will. (:
Shimin, cherry topped sundaes. (:
Weitong, chippy cheer. (:
Xinye, simplicity. (:
Jacqueline, sweetest candy. (:
The girls, big love. (:

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