Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Make some things clear first.
He's a great, fun, and easy-going mentor.
He gave us lots and lots of time to do projects,
and he sure is NOT a person who just, heck care.
Whoever is the person who bitch about him in his/her blog, must be some a-hole.

School's getting more and more interesting for me.
Got my transcript, I improved.
Had fun with a few of my LOVES today:
Zul, Gerlyn, Selina, Garett & their girl-friend, and a few more really sacarstic people like Michelle, Azhari and this other guy whom I forgot his name. Hahah.
Then there were these pastry girls, every time they see me they'll just laugh, so cute!
& they're fun.
JT was very KPO today, hahahaha! Funnyyyyyyyyy.
Miss Neoy so much. ):
Gerlyn wan'na watch movie with me on Thurs. (:
School is basically the best time of my life, and I'm like going for attachment already.
Great timing huh. ):
I will definitely come back to visit them, LOVES!
HAL is one of the best thing that'd ever happened to me, thanks to all the crazy people whom I've met.
Thanks a million.
And all the new batch classes that I took, thanks to you guys too, CHRO109A & DCS109A. (:
Hope I didn't get the classes wrong.

Met with my aunt, then JM dear.
Then shit happened. OMFG, he's like so annoying. Zzzzzzzz.
Then Daddy gave me a scolding. I cried, and felt very guilty because I know I was wrong, so he hugged me.
He's always pampered me. I love Daddy, and Mommy, and AuntAda. (:

And all my loveeeeees. (:

Signing off now, ninny's!

You spin my head right round, right round. (;
You know you love me.

xoxo, Ashley. (:
The one and only bitch. (:

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