Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ok, priority number ONE.
I love HAL, love the people in HAL.
NY-Sweetheart, Gerlyn-Princess Crazy, Zul-Evil Partner, Christelle-Boy Crazy Partner.
They're the best of the best. (:
Big success to our fund raising/V day event!
Big loves! (:

Guess what? I just had the best Valentine's day everrrrrrr.
First, 'HE' called, SURPRISINGLY.
Hahahaha, but that's not so big of a deal.
Went out with Wend, Am, Jas, and Free.
Haven't gathered like that FOR EVERRRR!
Went crazy on the bus ride. UBERRRRR.
Went to town, dumped them for my dearest NY!
Hahaha, sorry girls! Owe you guys one aight?
Hung out with NY and her GF, and their friend, Antony or something.
He didn't join us for singing and drinking.
Went down to Boat Quay, JM and Keith joined us.
We sang like crazy at first, cause nobody dedicated any songs, so all the way we were like, having a concert of our own; non-stop hits!
After that, it was madness of waiting time.
When it was finally our last 2 songs, the last song I sang was AN JING by Jay Chou.
And the table before us was like, complimenting me, and then it was like so ps.
Then this girl took a picture with me, and they actually wanted me to sing Ting Hai for them, but I was leaving, and I had to wait 14 more songs before my song, so I apologised.
Then they said it was ok, and gave me her number, which I saved in JM's phone, and which she lost. There goes one singing partner!
I'm like, so damn sad! Cause she's from Taiwan, and I LOVE TAIWAN!
I hate JM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, I don't. Hahahaha.
And Keith is so irritating. Zzzzzzz.

You know, I've only known NY for like, 2-3 days, and we're already hanging out?
And we had so much fun???!?!?!?
Now we like, have to see each other everyday??!?!?!
And her GF and I have the same Birthdate?
OMFG right?? I KNOW!
It's so fun to hang out with them! (((((:

Big loves, honies!

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