Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a new day!


I'm back to update on my life, which has so not been interesting.

I chopped my hair, yes.
It did not drop.
& I also dyed my hair.
& no, I'm not old.

HOTS in school has been really awesome for me.
I'm ranked 1st!
OHHHPS, I meant WE. (:
Seriously speaking, I'm really lucky to have Isa in my group, who comes out with all the amazing plans.
Without him, we would be a seriously sinking ship, right Eeping?
BUTTTT, we do contribute okay. It's not him SOLO. :D

Anw, I'm leaving school in about 2 weeks.
Everyone has been asking me.
[everyone meaning schoolmates.]
I'm gon'na miss schoooool!
Well, not exactly.
I'm gon'na miss the people in school.
Yeaaaaaa, that's right.
People like Zul, Garett, Selina, Natasha, and their classmates who are totally cute&funny, Christelle, Melissa, Faris, Fariz, Shah, Syar, Jamie, Indra, Luqman, Azhari, Michelle, the guys who always cheat my money for their fund raising (HAHA! :D), Tisha, Paul, Sarah, Gerlyn my princess :D, and all who I've not mention, it's all of you.

OMFG, I'm still at school, and I'm already missing people! ):
ESP trainers like VCT, ABG, JNT, CLM, and so on.
& big big big plus point for GODMOM! & her pretty lil' admin peeps. (:

& you know who I'm gon'na miss MOSTTTTT?
That's for me to know, and for you to find out. [;
Well, some people don't have to.
Except they've never seen him before.
No one has, actually.
Never pointed him out to anyone, YET.
He was a last minute pop up. LOL.

Can you keep a secret? (;

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